Joe Marcinkewicz

Associate Broker. Land, and Retail Specialist

801 590 7676

801 590 7676


Career Summary

Joe joined NAI Premier in 2020. Joe focuses on vacant land sales but enjoys helping businesses and investors maximize their potential in other arenas as well. He excels at special projects and problem solving. Whether you are starting your first business, experiencing growth, expanding your portfolio or down-sizing, Joe has the knowledge and patience to assist you successfully.

Background & Experience

Joe began his real estate career in the Miami residential market in 1993. Eventually Joe became known as the go to guy for “Luxury homes and the land to build them on” in several markets including Miami, Sarasota, Las Vegas/Henderson, as well as in Salt Lake City/Park City. As land became a larger part of Joe’s business, he naturally emerged as a land specialist.

I have owned/managed brokerages, worked with home builders, Investors, small businesses, and multi-national corporations as well as Celebrities and Professional Athletes. “I believe my greatest assets include my ability to creatively solve problems, my relentless drive and my determination to succeed for my clients”. Excelling at special projects, I believe that In this world where buyer and seller, or landlord and tenant often become adversaries, it only takes a little creativity to achieve a win/win for all parties and maximize the gains to each.

 “After all, success begins and ends with relationships. The true spirit of entrepreneurship is not success for self, but success for all. Lifting-up and mentoring others along the way.

My commitment to my customers: "To serve with honesty and integrity, always keep an open mind, serving to the best of my ability while seeking the best possible result for you."

Our Proactive Approach

Most brokers approach sales in much the same way. Get the listing. Advertise the listing. Wait for a buyer. Now if that is the type of service you will except well you have many options.

However, if you expect a more deliberate approach, then let me tell you a little about me, my team and our approach. My approach is much more proactive. Sure, we do all the typical marketing that most high-end brokerages do. But I don’t stop there! Next, we identify potential high-value uses for your property. Then we directly target those businesses that would best be able to exploit those uses. By reaching out directly to these businesses we are actively developing new buyers for your property and our listings.

And that is what sets us apart

By the way. When seeking a property on behalf of a client, the approach is just as proactive. We don’t just look for “on market” properties. We identify prime locations to suit the needs of the client and go after them. Even if they are not on the market.