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7.7.20 - 10 categories where Utah is No. 1 in the U.S.
Whether you are a fan of the diverse landscape, outdoor accessibility, or the robust local economy, Utah is a great place to live. While the locals have their reasons for choosing to stay and live in the Beehive State, there are nationally-recognized reasons, too. Based on lists from a variety of reputable sources and statistics, Utah ranks first in many lifestyle factors. Here are 13 categories where Utah is no. 1 in the United States...

6.19.20 - Utah Among the Best States for Business
Led by the burgeoning technology sector in the region known as Silicon Slopes and by a more recent surge in manufacturing, Utah turned in the second best economic growth in the nation last year. State finances are pristine, with a top-notch credit rating and manageable pension obligations. It also does not hurt that this is a great place to live. CNBC Mon, 07/15/2019 

5.20.20 - NAI Global
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5.20.20 - Top 5 Reasons for Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development February 7, 2020 Consistently recognized by thought leaders and publications as the best state for business in the nation, Salt Lake City is emerging as Utah’s next economic engine. It is a great place to work, live, and raise a family. It has both organic growth and an influx of new people. It has a joint perspective of new ideas and stability. It is young and dynamic. As Utah’s Capital city, Salt Lake has always been a place of acceptance. If you were different, you came to the city.  And that is true almost anywhere — cities throughout the U.S. are melting pots whose diversity brings about inherent acceptance...

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